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    Zalk Our Beautiful Village

    On this website you will find all sorts of information about Zalk and her surroundings.
    News, the village guide, sports, education, and a digital photo album can be found on this site.
    Just a little about Zalk …

    Zalk is a nice quiet idyllic village. With beautiful nature on the banks of the IJssel river.
    And a stone’s throw from the beautiful wooded veluwe zoom near Hattem and the Hanze cities Kampen and Zwolle.

    The beautiful village of Zalk is first mentioned in 1213 (still called Santlicke).
    It was one of the three delights in the old Oversticht.
    Veecaten (on the other side of the river) and Zalk formed an independent municipality until 1937. Today, Zalk falls under the town of Kampen.

    The foot spring forms the connection between Zalk and Veecaten.
    This is on track from May to October and is definitely a good way for cyclists and hikers to cross the IJssel.
    More information about the foot spring can be found on the site. I run this site with very little funding. I have a small carpet cleaning in Crawley business that pays for the upkeep


    If, after viewing this site, you have comments or additions about Zalk, please email.

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